Godolphin staff raise proceeds for Racing Welfare

For a second successive year, Godolphin staff took part in the Godolphin 1,000 Mile Challenge fund-raiser by running, jogging and walking at a fun family day at Moulton Paddocks, Newmarket (UK), on Sunday, October 15.

All proceeds will be donated to Racing Welfare, a nationwide non-profit organization that provides support to the workforce of the British horseracing industry. 

Over 250 staff signed up to run legs of the 1,000-mile challenge, some covering ten miles, while others covered five miles. In fact, the turn-out was so great that the challenge of 1,000 miles was reached and exceeded by an additional 250 miles! Some staff even took on the challenge to run in fancy dress costumes which added some light-hearted fun to the day.  

There were races over shorter distances for children of Godolphin staff, and over 60 employees were on hand to help in the smooth running of the day.

A cake stand, merchandise stall and food and beverage outlets also collected additional donations to add to the proceeds going to Racing Welfare.  

Hugh Anderson, Managing Director of Godolphin UK and Dubai, said: “I was so proud of everybody at Godolphin who got involved today in our 1,000 Mile Challenge. 

“To see our families, including children, all putting in the effort to help this great cause was an inspiration. Whether someone ran ten miles, walked five, or helped a young child scamper 400 metres, I want to thank them all for turning out."

He added, “We are an international sports team but we also care about our industry here in the UK and those who may need help. That is the spirit that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed has instilled in all of us and that’s part of being a team.”

Racing Welfare had been chosen specifically for the fund-raiser. It covers everybody in racing - it is a fantastic organization that looks after those who need the most help in the industry.  

The successful day culminated with a wonderful photo as a tribute to Sheikh Mohammed, which was organized by the Masar Godolphin interns - a fitting finale to their nine-month internship with Team Godolphin. 


Runners at the start of the 2017 Godolphin 1,000 Mile Challenge

The camel made it all the way around with no water breaks